YouTube strategies for your business

Every business when it starts with its social media presence considers Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and something else. There aren’t many which make YouTube a primary social media partner for their brand but that is where the advantage brands who have a presence on YouTube have. When used strategically, it gives and edge to business. To do that you need to understand how YouTube social media works for your branding and marketing.

To simply put, it’s unlike most social media platform which focuses on engagement at a social level and more in the present. YouTube is more like a cross platform between social media and a search engine. This is a platform where there is a lot of content created for individual consumption like we have blog posts and if the individual feel apt, he will share, like or comment on the video giving it the social aspect. However, you can use other social media platform to easily share the videos you have created easily. This along with other strategies, tools and techniques help you to build a successful YouTube channel. Today we will be discussing some strategies which you can consider to implement for your YouTube channel.

Strategies to use YouTube for your brand marketing

– Use it as a search engine

Use YouTube as a search engine
Use YouTube as a search engine

Consider YouTube as a database of videos that will help your viewer to gain something by watching your video. After Google, YouTube is the platform that has the maximum number of searches. If you create and optimize your videos appropriately, your videos will gain higher visibility just like your blog posts.

Create a YouTube channel

Create a YouTube channel
Create a YouTube channel

If you are a business entity, your YouTube name should be consistent with the brand name used across all of your marketing platforms.

However, if you are posting videos as only a YouTube content creator, it is recommended to post videos by creating a YouTube channel. This help in creating a positive image among the viewers. If you are confused about your channel name at the start, feel free to write down what you think is suitable at the moment. This will help you to create a channel to upload videos. Later, if you feel that you want to change the channel name you can do that.

When you are uploading a video using your account, only you can access it. However, as you grow a base of viewers you would want a team to work on them. A YouTube channel has the feature of adding multiple users to the channel who can work on it together.

– Upload channel art and icon

Add appropriate channel art to your account as this is the first thing your user will observe when they visit your channel. You will need to have a banner art which need to be designed wisely for different platforms such that it looks complete for each device.

Also, you need to have a channel icon. The channel icon should be in square format. The recommended dimensions are 800 x 800 px. Remember to create channel art and upload channel icon consistent with your overall brand image.

Include your details

Include Your Details

A complete profile has a higher visibility rate. Fill in the details such as ‘channel description’, ‘company email’, links to your website and social media platforms under the ‘About tab’.

Create a YouTube channel trailer

We can customize our YouTube channel the way it looks for both our subscribers and unsubscribed viewers. For those who haven’t subscribed to our channel, it would a wise thing to add a YouTube channel trailer so they get a glimpse of what your channel offers. It should be short as viewers these days don’t have higher attention span, possible 30 seconds to 60 seconds, the lower the better.

Study your competitor

In order to know what are some best practices for your industry, it would be wise to study a competitor who is successful YouTube channel. It will help you to build some strategies and give you ideas about content which works with viewers. It is always a good start to study your competitor before your content creation process.

– Use YouTube Analytics

Use YouTube Analytics

Use your YouTube analytics to learn more about your viewers. Pay close attention to what you find under the Demographics tab. This data will help you to understand your viewers more and also it will help you to deliver the content properly. Check whether your demographic data matches with the demographic to whom you want to show your video. Even if you are familiar with your viewers, it will help you to move beyond assumptions and feel confident that you’re reaching the right audience.

It also helps us to know, what kind of videos in our channel resonates well with our viewers. This will help us to create videos which the viewers like.

Optimize your video for SEO

Even though it’s a social media platform. It has the second maximum volume of search in its engine. It would be a good practice to optimize all your videos for SEO so it gains higher visibility in search results. Please don’t use keywords that are unrelated to your video because it might result in YouTube removing your video from the platform.

Choose a good title 

A good title should consist of high keyword volume and should be appropriate and catchy for the users. The ideal length of the title is less than 60 characters.

Use the right keyword

Use keywords which you have used throughout your search engine optimization process. It is also a good strategy when you are studying your competitors to looks for keywords which works well with the audience. It would be a good strategy to incorporate those keywords in your YouTube description as those would help gain maximum visibility to you

Add appropriate description

Add a description that would fit the video. If the video can accommodate a call to action, it would be a good thing to add to the description. When writing your description, the first 100 characters are very important, as YouTube only shows them to the viewers initially. If they find that to be engaging, then they might click on ‘Show more’ to go over the rest of the content.

Add tags

Add tags which as related to the video and would help the YouTube algorithm to understand what your video is about.

Choose appropriate category

You will find a list of categories in the YouTube metadata. Always select the most ideal category for your video. YouTube will use this information to show your videos with other videos of the same category on its platform.

If you are not sure about your category, then you can check the category of a similar video.

Use a custom thumbnail

The right thumbnail is very important, because that’s the first impression the viewer will have of the video. And first impression matters in social media. YouTube will provide you three thumbnail option to choose from the uploaded video and also you can add a customized thumbnail if you think the thumbnail provided doesn’t describe the video properly.

The ideal dimension of your thumbnail is 1280 x 720 px. To enable custom thumbnails, you need to verify your YouTube account.

Include subtitles and closed caption

If you have an audience which transcends location and language. Then it would be good to include subtitles in your video. This will give you an edge over your competitors and will help you gain audience who speaks and understand language other than the language of the video.

It also helps in the search engine optimization of your video as they contain important keyword about your videos.

Use hashtags in video title and description

Hashtags help your video become more discoverable to others who are looking for the particular keyword. They help viewers to know the topic or the category of the video. You can add the hashtags in the title and description. Hashtags present are hyperlinked with all hashtags with the same name. If there are no hashtags in the title, the first three hashtags in the description will show above the video title.

However, care should be need when you add hashtags to your video. Don’t add too many hashtags in a video. Add up to 15 hashtags for them to be considered by YouTube. Adding more and irrelevant hashtags would result in the removal of your video from YouTube or your hashtags being ignored by YouTube.

Card and end screens

You can incorporate cards and end screens which helps you to take poll, link to external sites, and display videos you would want to recommend to your viewers. You can add up to 5 cards in your video.

– Create a playlist

Creating playlist helps you to segregate your videos based on different themes and help your viewers to find similar type of videos together. Playlist also help you with SEO, if you create a popular playlist then it is present separately on the website making it more visible to viewers.

Also, if your videos are in a playlist. The next video in the playlist is automatically played giving you more view counts and higher view time for your channel. Take out time to create your playlist properly.

– Add watermark to your videos

You can add a watermark image to your videos. If anyone clicks on the watermark, it takes them to the channel subscription page. A useful tool to encourage the viewer to subscribe to your channel. Watermark also acts as a branding tool for your videos as it is present throughout the length of the video. However, it is only seen by those who haven’t subscribed to your channel yet.

– Customized channel URL

You can have your own customized url if you have over 100 subscribers, a channel icon, channel art, and is more than 30 days old. Once you reach this milestone, it would be good to create a customized URL with your brand or channel name.

– Use social media

Use social media platform wisely to promote your YouTube video. YouTube gives you a shortened url for your video. However, it is not a good practice to just copy the url and post it on your platform. Consider how it can be helpful to your audience.

Explain to your audience, why you have written this post and how it is beneficial to them. Add relevant hashtags to make it more discoverable to your platform and your viewer.

– Use blog post and websites

Add YouTube icon on your website, allowing your audience to find your YouTube channel. You can create YouTube video which would either complement your blog posts or helps your user find the answer to their needs or queries through the video. YouTube allows you to embed your videos into the blog helping you to gain more viewers to the video.

– Send email newsletters

You can email your video along with a context about the video like why this video is created, or how it can solve their problem, or help them with something can be an excellent way to reach more viewers for your video.

– Use Q&A sites

Q&A sites like Quora is a great place to post your videos. However, post those videos which will help answer the question posted by the user.

– Collaborate with others

Collaborate with YouTube channels which complements or supplements yours. This help both the brands gain more exposure to each other’s subscribers and viewers. However, make sure you are choosing the right brand or channel to work with and it can positively or negatively affect your brand.

Influencers also are good collaborators for your videos. However, choose those who genuinely like your brand so when they do sponsored ad it will reach to their viewers.

– Engage with viewers

You are because of your viewers. When genuine viewers put a comment on your video, it is a good practice to engage with them.

– Run a YouTube Advertising campaign

There are multiple paid promotion which you can opt for your YouTube video. YouTube charges you once someone watched your video. There are different types of ads you can choose such as:

TrueView video discovery ads

These ads run on your YouTube search and watch results page for both desktop and mobile. These ad units consist of thumbnail and these lines of text. Once you click on these links you will be charged for the ad.

In videos Ads

There are multiple types of ads which runs during the course of a video which the user watches. You can choose one of the many type of ads to showcase your video so that it reaches viewers. When you create these in videos ads, it should not feel like an ad but engaging for the viewers to go ahead and check you channel for more.

Always remember that your YouTube channel belongs to the same branding umbrella, so treat it accordingly. When you do that and gain a new audience, it will act as an incremental gain to your present brand visibility.

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