Why Is Hashtags An Important YouTube Strategy?

Today everyone is obsessed with hashtags. We include it wherever it is possible, we don’t want to lose a single opportunity where we can exploit the reach which hashtags provide. YouTube being the second biggest search engine definitely is worthy of our attention. A lot of marketing strategies revolve around YouTube for brands today. Let’s look at how hashtags work for YouTube.

Importance of hashtags in YouTube videos

Hashtags are used to describe the central theme or topic of the video. Hashtags help our video to rank higher when a user comes to YouTube and search the hashtags which we have included in the video description.

Another advantage of having hashtags is when a user watches a video with the hashtag present in our video and would like to watch similar videos, he can click on the hashtag thereby giving him results with videos having that hashtag.

Hence, hashtags become an important strategy to increase the visibility of YouTube videos organically. Thereby helping its SEO.

How to include hashtags in a YouTube video

The functioning and inclusion of hashtags are just like any other platform such as Instagram or LinkedIn. However, in YouTube videos, it can be added in two places.

The first way to include hashtags would be direct including it in a title. The second way is to include it in the description section of the video. When we add hashtags in the video description section, the first three hashtags are shown in the video title.

Points to consider when adding hashtags in YouTube video

Apart from the general guidelines with respect to spacing, type of content such as misleading, harassment, hate speech, sexual content, the vulgar language one more point to be considered is as follows.

  • Over-tagging – Apart from adding non-relevant tags, care should be taken to not add more than 15 hashtags in a video. If you do then YouTube will ignore all the hashtags and it may also result in the removal of your video from YouTube.
  • Branded hashtags – It is also vital that we add our brand hashtag in the video description. This will help the audience to find all the other videos of our brand when they click on it. It only has upsides and if they don’t click then there is nothing to lose.

Even though hashtags have a lot of advantages, it also has a disadvantage. Once a user opens your video and looks at the hashtags, it is enticing for them to click on the hashtag thereby taking them away from your video. Work on creating good content and optimizing your videos really well by adding a catchy title, description, custom thumbnail, this will help you to find a lot of audiences watching and liking your video. This will help your audience to not move away from your video by immediately clicking on the hashtags and trying to find another video. They might still do that but given your views and how well you have optimized your content, they might first watch the video.

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