Why Is Ephemeral Content Gaining More Popularity?

We all know how addictive are the WhatsApp statuses of our contacts. We spend a lot of time every day consuming them. But it is not just WhatsApp; we all have our own indulgence. Some are hooked to Insta Stories, some to Facebook stories, Snapchat, and on and on.

Do you know what makes us go and check these stories every day?

At a psychological level, humans fear that others are doing better things than them, are having more fun, or are living better lives. This is called the fear of missing out. Since the advent of social media, this phenomenon has gained more ground as we continuously check what our friends, families, and colleagues are posting on social media. It started as networking and sharing, but now we can’t live without it.

Today, social media has taken this phenomenon to a new height by introducing content that stays for a very short period of time, mostly 24 hrs. FOMO was always there; now, it has just gained scale at a different level. We all want to catch-up on the stories or statuses which our friends have uploaded before they disappear the next. It has become so addictive that users sometimes spend hours going over one story after another. This makes ephemeral content an important part of the marketing strategy today.

What should brands consider when creating ephemeral content:

Nature of the content

It should be short, engaging, and should be captivating for your audience. Along with this, the content should be authentic; it should not be recycled content. It is important to humanize your brand and show the audience what happens behind the curtains of your products or service. This helps to build kinship, a lasting relationship with your brand.

Include a call to action (CTA)

As the audience is highly engaged with your content, having a call to action gives a clear direction on what needs to be done. Have a simple but effective call to action.

Content should be consistent with the brand identity

Marketers spend a lot of time, effort, and money promoting a brand identity to their audience. Ephemeral content should not go against the basic ideals and fundamentals of the company. Anything and everything that is posted should be in line with what the brand believes in. Otherwise, it could create an identity crisis of the brand among its audience.

Use the right tags for wider reach

Different social media platform provides multiple types of tags such as geotags, hashtags, name tags. These tags help reach users at a specific location, search for similar hashtags, or tap into the influencer’s followers you want to collaborate with.

The benefits of including ephemeral content in your marketing strategy:

Immediate and higher engagement

It can be anything from liking, commenting, sharing even watching a video. Since the content doesn’t stay for a longer period of time, the users are forced to act upon it as quickly as possible. And we all know that it is not the number of followers that is more important but what really matters is the engagement your followers have in your account.

Increase brand loyalty

Ephemeral contents are generally highly engaging and more real. It is not the run-of-the-mill which brands post on their social media feed. Your audience will understand the brand’s identity as this type of content is highly interactive in nature. The audience who sticks with you become loyal to your brand as they relate with you at a deeper level now. Today it is not just what your customers buy; they also want to understand the authenticity, personality, and story behind the brand to be connected with it.

Contents need not be polished

As ephemeral contents show the transparent side and provide a peek into the culture and behind the scenes of the brands, they need not be polished with multiple iterations. It can be posted the way it is; it should actually humanize the brand to the audience. For example, posting videos and pictures of a party in the office or pictures of the workplace shows the audience how the company is.

We have all heard about how we need to create evergreen content for our marketing plan. Times are changing; today’s marketing strategy is to blend both ephemeral and evergreen content. However, one should keep in mind that their brand identity should not be compromised because of the nature of ephemeral content. It should be a carefully crafted strategy to create value for the audience of the brand.

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