Why is Branding Watermark on your YouTube Channel important?

We all love branding and would leave no chance where we can increase the visibility of our brand. The higher the visibility the more prominent is your brand. With good visibility and excellent product, we have a combination for success. A good product with no takers is wasted opportunity. So, we find ways where we can showcase our brand to our potential customer.

With the advent of digital age, there are hundreds of ways to increase the visibility of your brand. YouTube used by millions every day gives you an excellent opportunity to increase your brand presence and recall. The best part about YouTube is that you can include your brand logo with just few clicks at zero cost. This is also called as custom subscribe button.

If you have a YouTube channel, you can include your brand logo which helps in increasing your brand visibility and becomes a medium for users to subscribe to your channel, thereby building an audience which you can leverage.

To add your branding watermark in your YouTube videos is very simple:

  • Sign in to your YouTube account
  • Go to YouTube studio (Beta) by click on your profile image on the top right side of your browser
  • Then go to setting in the left side navigation bar
  • Then click on Channel and then Branding
  • You can now add your desired image. A point to note here is that the image should be squared i.e. the dimensions for your length and breadth should be the same. The minimum dimensions of your image should be 150×150 and size less than 1 MB.

It is recommended to use transparent color background instead of solid to avoid disturbance in the video viewing experience. However, it is also important that your logo is visible and understandable to your viewers when you are using a transparent logo. If your logo is not visible then go for solid background, otherwise your objective of having the logo will not meet.

  • Under branding you will have three options to choose the display time:
    • End of video – Here the image will be present for the last 15 second of your video
    • Custom start time – Here you can choose your own start time of viewing your brand logo. This can help the viewers to be focused on the intro of your video they are watching and not distracted by the image on your video.
    • Entire video – The image will be present throughout the video
  • Your logo is ready to be displayed on your YouTube videos

Now all you have to do is create amazing videos which will win the heart of your audience and generate followers for your brand. The marketer also loves the facts that he can have some extra branding from their brand. YouTube also allows to track the performance of your branding watermark, so you can check different versions and see how they work.

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