When to choose LinkedIn as your social media channel

With so many social media channels today, it is difficult to choose one over the other. However, it is nearly impossible to focus on all social media platforms as the resources needed to do that would be humongous. Unless you are a large corporation with a good marketing budget focusing on digital marketing. For most businesses that does not seem to be true. That brings us to a point where we would have to make a choice of one over the other. To determine which one you should choose, it is vital to understand what makes each of them different. Every major social media has an audience and its positioning. Today, we look at some reasons if it seems logical for your business, you should choose to invest your resources in LinkedIn.

Reasons for choosing LinkedIn as your social media channel:

Professional audience

If you would like to connect to consumers who are professionals then LinkedIn is your ideal choice. As of August 2020, LinkedIn has more than 690 million members. LinkedIn users come to the platform to network and connect with brands which will further their career and growth aspirations. Also, it is a platform to share ideas and thoughts about your passion and expertise and to inspire others. The information present here is given higher credibility because it shared by professionals of their industry.

If your brand would like to focus more on their employee engagement aspect or present itself as a thought leader, LinkedIn proves to be an ideal platform as users come here to network and learn for others, particularly from their industry.

Influencer marketing

If you are in the B2B segment, LinkedIn proves to be an ideal place where you can find your influencers. They will not be famous celebrities but they will still have a huge following and credibility in their niche. For most B2B marketing, going for a celebrity influencer makes little sense as they might not be your ideal end-user. However, an endorsement for the thought leaders would mean much to your clients who would like to understand the credibility of your products or services before investing in it.

If your brand belongs to an industry where niche thought leaders make an ideal influencer, then being present in the LinkedIn social media platform makes good sense.

Business environment

It has a business-like environment where networking and connections are built to enhance a brand or an individual. The ideas and concepts exchanged on LinkedIn are unlike other platforms, knowledgeable users are involved in this process which leads to higher collaborations beyond the platform.

When you chose LinkedIn as your social media channel, the content on the channel should be tailored according to its need. This will help to maintain the integrity of your brand on the platform. It is above all a professional networking platform and the contents must be curated based on what the audience needs to make LinkedIn success for your brand.

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