Using Townsquared For Your Business

Using Townsquared For Your Business

Neighborhood businesses need a more immediate way to communicate with each other and organize their community than the occasional Chamber of Commerce meeting. Townsquared is a private, community-based social network for small business owners to connect and share resources within a neighborhood. The app combines elements of a news app, a social network, a knowledge base, a business and professional directory, and a real-time crowdsourced alerting system to mobilize awareness of local crimes.

The platform is hyper-local and targeted squarely at mom-and-pop-sized shops, stores, or service businesses. Townsquared also stresses privacy. Each neighborhood’s local network is private to its member businesses, each business goes through a verification process, including a detailed profile and either a call or a face-to-face meeting before joining the platform.

Townsquared helps you meet and build real-life connections with people who’ve been there, making it easy to stay in touch, attend events together, and support each other’s establishments. It helps you find business owners and managers in your area.

Small business owners using Townsquared gain access to something akin to a private discussion board, where they can alert neighboring businesses about things like supplier issues, rent increases, shoplifters, and local ordinances and taxes. They can discuss local politics and minimum wage concerns, post classifieds, recommend accountants and marketing techniques, or plan community events and shop shares.

What can you do on Townsquared?

  • Find and connect with local businesses

Browse local business owners and managers who are on Townsquared or search for someone specific. You can also connect with and message them directly.

For example, there might be local dentistry which has a excellent general dentistry office which is very famous but some of his patients need some specialized care which he can’t offer but he also doesn’t want inconvenience for his patients of finding a doctor, doing research and if needed traveling a distance to get his treatment. Townsquared, can help the local dentistry to know about all the offices in his vicinity who can give that specialized care to his patients. This helps the local dentistry to also give very good customer experience to his patients. A happy patient is always a loyal patient.

  • Get advice and recommendations

Learn from the questions and answers posted by other members, ask for advice, or get recommendations on the best products and services.

  • Join groups that matter to you

Find chamber or merchant associations, industry-related groups, or just like-minded businesspeople.

  • Attend and organize local events

Get involved in the local business community by attending events, or share a get-together you’ve organized with the network.

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