Using Quora for your SEO strategy

The power of Quora is not unknown to anyone today. Once we open our Quora account, it is so immersive that we keep scrolling one answer after another, without even knowing the amount of time we have spent. That is good news for the businesses using Quora, as this means that if answered well and right, visibility for the brand will be higher.

As the business answers more and more questions from its industry, it also gains credibility and is considered an expert in the field. However, these are not the only benefit we receive from Quora. If used properly, it can also play a role in our SEO strategy. Let’s have a look at it.

– Keyword research

Quora is one of the great tools available for keyword research.

If you search on Quora for any keyword, it will provide you with an extensive list of popular questions among its huge and active audience. This information can help us give directions in deciding our own blog topics. You can check this out in the image below:

Quora also has huge followers for any given topic, which we can explore to do our keyword research similarly. The digital marketing topic has a follower base of 2.2 million users. We can open the topic and check the most popular questions to get help for our blog topics.

Along with those questions which come on the top, we should also look at the number of followers for each question. The higher the followers, the more is the demand for that topic.

– Nofollow links

A good SEO strategy includes a mix of dofollow and nofollow links of their website. Using Quora, you can include links to the right context, which helps you bring traffic to the website. Since we include a very specific link to a question, it helps find users who would spend a good time on the website and interact with the content. These are the people who might eventually become your customer.

Most nofollow links only are generic website URLs which when clicked might or might provide the engagement we might want from a user in our websites.

However, like every platform, it is important that we provide value to the readers and not only just it as an SEO platform. Only then could you add real value to your users, which should be the ultimate goal of any business.

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