Things to know before hiring a freelancing video editor

We all want the engaging video for our website or our YouTube channel which has thousands of views. But creating them is no easy task. There are so many high-quality videos out there that it is difficult to compete with them when we aren’t skilled in creating them. Because of which, videos if not done properly don’t engage with the audience well. It just stays in the pile of videos that you might create to get better in video editing. However, many man-hours away from being good. To wisely use the limited working hours, we all have in our day, most would outsource it to a video editor and maybe learn editing on the side when they have some free time.

There are so many video editors all claiming to be good at what they do. No matter what your budget is, you will find many video editors in that budget. The question is, ‘How do we choose the right video editor?’ Today we will look into it.

Things to consider before hiring a video editor for your business

Explain him what are content is like

There are many types of videos which you would want your video editor to create such as an animated video from scratch using our script or ideas, editing a testimonial for your business, creating social media videos, YouTube trailer, music videos with non-moving images, elevator and investor pitch for your business, preparing a shortened version of big videos and so on. It is always a good idea to explain to your video editor the variety of the videos which you want him to work on as much as possible and keep the rest open for interpretation. Understanding your requirements will help him to take the task in a more efficient and better way.

Understand the timeline of the videos

Understand how the timeline would work when you have assigned the task to the video editor in advance. If you are hiring a freelance video editor, he might be working on multiple projects at one time. In order for both the video editor and you to be on the same page with respect to timeliness of the deliverables, it is good to discuss this during the initial rounds of hiring the editor. This will help him and us to plan our video editing work accordingly leading to lower disappointments in the future. Also, make sure that at least one round of changes is free of extra charges.

Check their portfolio of work

To understand what kind of experience and expertise your video editor has, you can ask him for a resume and more importantly his portfolio of work done. It will help you to understand the kind of work the video editor does and also discuss your projects and how will he work on them if it is not something which he has not done before.

When you are checking the portfolio check how smooth the transition is, whether the audio sounds proper, and in general the overall video quality. To see whether the audio is good or not, there should be no background noise, is there is talking happening then the movement of the mouth and the speech should be in sync, the audio should be crisp and very clear and so on. If you need some animation work to be done, check if they worked on it and whether they have any samples on it or not.

Check for the different aspects of the video he works on

Check on what he will be doing to edit and create your videos. Sometimes, a video editor might do only a few aspects of the complete project. This will give you low-quality output, understanding his abilities will help you to get better output for your videos.

Try to understand his expertise such as:

  • Editing
  • Animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Sound mixing
  • Color correction
  • Voiceover – Check if they do voiceover as some of the videos might need a voiceover and this expertise will be very handy then
  • Software – Try to understand what software they work on. Though it is not of great significance. It will help you understand whether he uses any professional software or not.

Check how your deliverables are received

Asking your video editor in advance as to how the deliverables will be shared would be a good strategy. Try to find a method that will keep the video for a time period that works for you and also decide on the naming convention so you and they understand the different versions properly. A drop box is a great way to share the videos. You can use Google Drive as it has the capability to delete the videos for any collaborator if he feels it is not needed anymore without affecting others and is present for a longer duration of time if by any chance you miss your videos.

Check his resources

It is good to check his resource at hand. Whether he is doing everything alone or has a team to work on a project. It is always good to work with a team because things are more streamlined and better quality is provided. Also, you will find consistency in the working style like timelines and quality and one person is not the determinant of the final output.

Check his reviews

These days everyone has some account or another which showcases not only their work but what their client says about them. It would be nice to check if they have any digital presence where their work and reviews are present which we can check.

Come to an agreement

After discussing, it would be nice to over all those things you both have agreed on. The last part is discussing the fees and the payment terms, don’t forget to do that. If you know the person it would be good to have a verbal agreement. Some would like to go for a contract between the company and the video editor. However, that puts everything in black and white and little room for something else. It is always good to have a contract if you are exactly sure of what you need from your video editor because any deviation will be at an advantage of the video editor to earn extra.

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