The Next Phase Of B2B Marketing

For a long time, B2B marketing is primarily focused on the benefits of any products or services a business is offering. While this was more appropriate before, today many brands have gradually evolved their marketing from plain intelligence quotient of helping their audience make rational decisions. Today brands understand that a client does not make their purchase decision only on the rationale but it is the emotions which pushes them to commit to their decision.

B2B has to today evolve from rationale-based marketing to a model that takes both the rationale and emotions into account. To do that it is important to understand who your clients are and what problems they face. Understanding their specific needs can help bring together the rationale and emotional facets of your marketing strategy.

Most B2B might find it difficult to work on the emotional side of marketing especially if they provide products that are highly specific and has no direct emotional connection with the audience. Examples of such products can be iron rods, vehicle engines, factory pumps, and so on. In order to understand the emotional connection of your audience for such products or services, the businesses should try to dig deeper into understanding how is their product serving the bigger picture. Trying to understand how you are helping your clients to solve a problem in the grander scheme of the theme will help you connect to them on an emotional level.

In today’s digital age, B2C businesses are leveraging the trust and relationship of the influencer to promote their brands. B2B business should not be left behind in tapping into this opportunity. However, they should not go the mass influencer route for endorsing their brands. B2B businesses should try to partner with thought leaders and experts who are highly respected and trusted by people in their industry. This will further their attempt to build credibility to their rationale and emotional marketing approach.

Marketing needs to evolve today; every word and every frame should be accounted for. It should not just be an activity that is trying to connect to the rationale and emotional side of their audience. It should be developed in a way such that, if given a choice, your competitor would grab the chance to buy it for their use. As I said, marketing should not just remain an activity if even it is a good activity; it should be a product that has a need, value, and a market in itself.

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