The Digital Opportunity

The Digital Opportunity

The digital world has changed the way we operate completely. People have stopped worrying about purchasing a car with the likes of Ola and Uber present within minutes away from us or the need to go to the departmental store to make purchases with Amazon and Flipkart giving us the power of shopping in our fingertips. The advent of the digital world has completely changed our living style.

This change brings in endless opportunities for anyone who wants to build a business using the digital platform. You don’t have to be the likes of Amazon to use this opportunity. Even a small t-shirt manufacturing company such as Unic Minds can benefit from this digital revolution which took place in our era.

For example, A T-shirt manufacturer which used to make the revenue for its business doing sales via stores or corporate sales was limiting itself to only those people whom the business can reach or can come in contact via word of mouth i.e. referral business. But if the same business enters the digital world, it can expand exponentially. In order to do that, the company needs to have a digital presence. This digital presence can be in the form of a website or by being a part of e-commerce stores such as Myntra, Flipkart and so on. The business which until now was only catering to the consumers who would come to the stores where the T-shirt is present suddenly is present for everyone in the country who uses the app or the site. Whenever, a consumer will search for say ‘Autism T-shirts’ online, there is a chance that you will be able to come on his search results if you sell Autism T-shirts, thereby getting a chance to showcase to him your portfolio. If what you have is what he wants then he will make the purchase and you gain a customer which otherwise you might not have been able to reach because of geographic limitation. A happy customer he might even leave a review thereby helping others trust your brand even more by reading what other customers have to say. This is just one possibility of being present online. However, there are endless possibilities that you can explore by being present in the digital world.

The digital opportunities present today is also an alarming call for those who are not adopting it. Since customers are not limited to geographies today, not being present would only mean you are losing customers from your area to those businesses that have a digital presence. Those who would normally come to your store are shopping online and might not visit your store. Businesses should be wary of this trend.

However, it would be a good idea to not spread yourself thin by wanting to make use of every single opportunity at once. It would be wise if you take one step at a time and execute that digital strategy well. For example, if you want to increase your social media presence and reach more people then you should first focus on planning, executing and improvising that strategy to make the best possible use of social media and then move to the next strategy. If you don’t execute and measure what you are doing, there is a chance that because of poor implementation or strategy it might have a negative impact on your brand value. Hence, you should make the best use of each digital opportunity.  Start building a solid foundation on which you can build a skyscraper which was beyond your imagination one day at a time.

As you gain a solid foothold in this digital world, you can start exploring other tools that it offers such as analytics and insights. This will help you understand who your prospective customers are, what do they want and what do they like, it will help you to build strategies that can cater to these customers. As you dig deeper into these tools you will understand that there is so much more you can analyze then what is obvious. These insights will help you build better digital strategies and customer experience for both your digital and physical business.

There is so much to explore – web, mobile, social and many more. We can just consider the technology around us and then we will understand the real power of the digital world and the reach it can have. However, in order to build your digital presence, you have to decide whether you want to spend your time or money. If you do that on your own then in order to learn and implement it will require a significant amount of time from your side, especially during the learning phase. The alternative would be to use digital marketing experts like me who can help with building strategies to grow your business using the digital world. With this world which is dynamic, you can’t afford to just sit on past glory and learning. It is vital that you keep yourself abreast of what is happening to have the edge this world provides.

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