How Does A Good User Experience Help Your SEO Strategy?

How Does A Good User Experience Help Your SEO Strategy?

Search Engines have changed over the years to provide a better user experience to their audience continuously. Gone are the days when Black Hat SEO strategies such as keyword stuffing would help you rank higher in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Search engines realized these are all a ploy to rank higher, and it … Read more

How to optimize our blog post for keyword

How to optimize our blog post for keyword

We work really hard on a post to make it worthwhile for our readers. We do endless research, choose the right words, make it interesting, etc etc. However, doing all this hard work doesn’t guarantee that it will reach our intended audience and beyond. There is actually a chance that dust will settle on the … Read more

All about dofollow and nofollow links

All about dofollow or nofollow links

Every digital marketer especially the ones who work on SEO would work very hard to receive dofollow links. Why so? What are dofollow links? How does it help your digital marketing and SEO strategy? Let’s have a look at it. What are dofollow and nofollow links? As a user, they both are the same. However, … Read more

Optimize Google My Business For Multi-Location Business

Google My Business For Multi Location Business FI

We all know how important being present on Google My Business is for our local SEO. It is pretty straightforward to create a Google My Business account for your business when it is present in only one location. However, have you ever wondered if you have your business in more locations how Google My Business … Read more

Using Lazy loading for Offscreen media

Lazy Loading

Sometimes we have a long webpage and because everyone relates and likes media such as images, videos, audio, etc, we have also included media across that page. When someone visits that page, the web browser downloads the entire page and shows it to the user visiting the page. Now the user is waiting for the … Read more