Google Ads – Call ads campaign

Google Ads - Call ads campaign

Most local business that runs Google Ads ask this one question, ‘Why I am not getting enough calls even after spending money on ads?’ We all want a return on the investment we make. Similarly, when using Google Ads, we would like to make up for what we are paying by receiving quality leads. However, … Read more

Google Ads – Quality Score – Ad Relevance Explained

Google Ads - Quality Score - Ad Relevance Explained

In the previous post, we have looked at Quality Score in Google Ads and how important a role it plays in optimizing our ads for a lower cost per click and getting a higher position on Search Result’s page. Ad relevance is one of the primary components which impacts the Quality Score. We would always … Read more

Alternatives To Facebook Advertising

Alternatives to FB for Advertising

Since the last 6 months, we have been running Lead generation campaign on Facebook for a dental practice. The results though good initially have started coming down because of reaching a lot of users of the period of time. It’s about time to stop the lead generation campaign and divert the budget which will provide … Read more