Questions To Ask When Hiring A Digital Marketer

Hiring a good resource in your digital marketing team creates a lot of difference as you want to implement your strategies. It is the skills that are important and an understanding of how a business works, and the ability to be in their shoes. It is important to work together as a team, considering no one to be below or above themselves when accomplishing a certain task. A lot of ownership is needed by the individual at every stage.

Some tasks might look dull but equally important in the long run, and some tasks need a double eye to go through before making it live. Ego, hierarchy, and designations need to be kept aside, and focus should be given to make your work a success. Being a very dynamic industry, a desire to continuously learn the latest happening in the industry and think of its implementation is essential.

How do we find a person who has all these qualities which make up for a good resource in the team? One major way of finding that person is to ask the right questions when interviewing for any role. However, it might not be possible to find a person who knows everything we want. We have to find someone who can be groomed to be that person.

Let’s look at some questions we might want to ask when interviewing for the digital marketer’s role. It will cover a range of categories, and depending on how your interview is moving forward or the role you want him to hire for, and you might want to dig deeper or want to skip some of these questions.

Questions about Digital marketing:

It is important to understand whether the candidate understands the digital marketing landscape by asking him some fundamental digital marketing questions. A person who doesn’t understand digital marketing will need a lot of grooming once hired before any impact can be made.

Questions about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a cornerstone for ranking high on search engines organically. This is very useful for brands to receive a lot of visitors if done properly. Hence, it becomes a crucial aspect of any resource working in the digital marketing team to understand how SEO works.

Questions about Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Search engine marketing (SEM) or pay-per-click (PPC) is a significant investment that any business makes to generate more awareness, consideration, or decision for their products or service. A digital marketer should understand how to run an effective paid campaign to generate higher returns on investment.

Questions about Social Media

Social media is not just Facebook or Instagram but also a range of platforms with its own niche and functioning intricacies. If a brand wants to be successful on any social media platform, then the social media handler should understand how they work.

Questions on Content Marketing

No matter who coined or made the term ‘content is the king’ popular, it still is relevant today. Hence, every digital marketing should understand some basic truth about content marketing.

Learning questions

Digital marketing is a dynamic field, and with how fast the world is changing, it becomes imperative for anyone in the field to invest in learning the latest trends of the industry. This is very useful to run a successful digital marketing strategy for any business.

Personality based questions

Nobody is perfect, but we don’t just want anybody working with us. Every role is different and different personalities suit different types of roles. We should try to understand whether a person is suited for the role of digital marketing.

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