Points to consider when designing a website homepage

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to the digital world. Your website is the front of your business, and with so much competition today, if you don’t make a good first impression, the user will move on to the next website. If there is no attachment for the user with your business, he might not browse your website. Hence, it becomes vital for your business to have a good homepage for your website.

Let’s take a look at some point which we should consider when designing our website.

– Your homepage should be the window to your website

Whenever someone visits a website, he should be able to get a peek into your entire site through that one page. It will help the user to navigate to the right page and increase the engagement with your website. Make it very visual by adding high-quality and relevant images, giving a summary of the company, its services, clients, patients testimonial, and anything special that your website caters to.

– It should have a simple site navigation

The menu bar in the header should not be complicated. It should be simple and straight-forward to easily move around and understand where they are on the website.

– Use a color scheme that reflects your brand

Your website is an extension of your office; it is the place that people visit to know more about your brand. Over a period of time with consistent marketing, you will have a higher reach and visibility for your brand. Many of your users might already be aware of your brand through one of the many marketing channels. Hence, when they visit your website, they should not be surprised. Having a consistent color scheme helps in conveying your brand’s voice to your audience across platforms.

– It should include your brand logo

Your logo is the identifying mark of your brand. It helps them identify your business and relate to it. As your website is the window of your business, having a logo is like adding the office board to your office. It should be on the top of the website at a very prominent position, mostly on the top-left corner where most websites have their logo.

– Include your social media links

Including your social media icons on the website’s homepage will provide your users with more engaging content through different social media platforms. These contents are very relevant, up-to-date, provide news and behind-the-scenes information, and are visual in nature, making it easy to consume and captivates the audience. It also provides credibility to your brand as these platforms also have reviews for your customers, thereby helping them make better and more informed decisions.

– Add relevant business information

It would be good to add some relevant business information such as the location, business hours, telephone number, and/or email id, especially if you are a business that caters to a specific location.

– Add a Call to action

Adding a call to action increases your conversion rate, as users know exactly what they need to do. Depending on your business goals, you can add a call to action such as contact us for a consultation or an appointment, download our app, sign up for our service, and so on.

– Add a chatbox

Users will come to your website, looking for something specific. However, today users don’t have a lot of patience to dig deeper to find answers. If your website is not clear or does not provide the solution to the user’s problem, he might move on to a different site. A chat box comes in very handy as a user might want to speak with someone who can answer their questions. This will also help to increase the conversion rate of your customers.

– Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

With mobile-first indexing has become the norm. The website must be created with no responsive issues. It should work well across different devices.

– Make sure it is user friendly

With Google’s announcement about user experience being an important factor in search results, it is not only about optimizing your website’s content and page. The experience of users on your website is also very relevant. A lot of thought needs to be given when designing the homepage so that it doesn’t become very complicated and is simple and pleasing for the user to access the homepage.

– Use keyword research appropriately

You would want your homepage to rank higher on the search engine results page. However, we don’t have many opportunities to include our keyword on the homepage as it has minimal content. Hence, it is important to use the keywords strategically, which stuffing it on our homepage.

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