What Is A Press Release

Press Release

A press release is an official announcement in a written or recorded format directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something newsworthy. In reality, anything sent to a reporter whether it is something big or small is still a press release. Typically, they are mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to assignment … Read more

Using Lazy loading for Offscreen media

Lazy Loading

Sometimes we have a long webpage and because everyone relates and likes media such as images, videos, audio, etc, we have also included media across that page. When someone visits that page, the web browser downloads the entire page and shows it to the user visiting the page. Now the user is waiting for the … Read more

ShowMeLocal – Is it good enough?


Showmelocal is a listing website where owners can promote their website online and where local consumers go to learn about the businesses they want to visit or use. They have more than 19 million businesses, 2 million claimed businesses and 375 thousand user reviews on their website as on March 2019. The website also gets … Read more

Do You Need CAPTCHA?


My client is a big institution with too many minds working on one website. So, one fine day another mind worked and threw out another suggestion. They now need a CAPTCHA for user login so they can keep the spam users away. My initial reaction was that if you go by this rate you will … Read more

How Are Accounts Organized in Google Analytics

How are accounts organised in Google Analytics

Analytics uses Google Account to authenticate users. Once authenticated, your Google Analytics accounts can be grouped under an ‘organization’, which is optional. This allows you to manage your company’s product (Analytics, Tag manager, Optimize, etc), manage product users and permissions, display information like administrative content and company logo under one grouping. This can be accessed … Read more

Google Analytics – What? How?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free platform that collects data and compiles it into useful reports. With more and more businesses going digital to reach customers from every corner they are using various methods to attract customers to their website such as content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, etc. Google Analytics helps … Read more

Understanding How To Use Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey

In our previous post, we tried to understand what is Digital Analytics and its application. Digital Analytics is an integral part of today’s business world which helps to map and understand the journey of a customer in the digital world. A Customer journey map tells us the experience of the customer he has with our … Read more

What Is Digital Analytics?

Digital Analytics

Digital Analytics is the process of analyzing data through various online sources such as websites, mobile apps, social media, and so on. It helps us understand whether the consumer behavior is in line with our business objectives. Let’s try to understand this better with the help of an example. Rajesh wants to purchase a new … Read more