Optimizing LinkedIn For Your Business

LinkedIn has become one of the most popular social media platforms of our era and every business would like to make the most of their digital presence there. However, just like every major social media platform, LinkedIn also has its own niche and in order to be effective there, it is imperative to understand what the platform demands. Today we look at some factors which will help us to have better visibility in LinkedIn.

Write a compelling “About us” section

Take care to describe what your company offers in a way that is consistent with your positioning across all channels such as your website, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

Your about us section should answer these basic questions and more:

  • Who are you?
  • Where are you based?
  • What do you offer?
  • What are your values?
  • What is your brand voice?
  • How can people contact you to learn more?

Some of the advanced questions are recommended to be answered:

  • Vision. What future do we want to help create?
  • Mission. How do we create that future?
  • Values. Who are we? How do we work?
  • Positioning. What makes our brand different?
  • Tagline. Our brand summed up in one line.
  • Products/Services. Here’s what we provide.


LinkedIn has a highly educated and influential group. So, it is very important that what we mention of our account such as the number of employees, customers, locations, products/services, awards, and so on should be accurate. This will help businesses to build trust among the audience.


Just like the description, your keyword should also be consistent across your channel. However, you can keep some extra space to include keywords specific to the LinkedIn channel.

Update banner and profile picture

Your profile image is the first thing people searching for your company on LinkedIn will see, so make a good impression. Choosing a profile image is straightforward: take your company logo (the same one you’re using on your other social media channels) and resize it to fit with LinkedIn’s requirements. Also, banners bring your profile to life, add more color and character to it.


Keep adding videos, as short video goes a long way in keeping users engaged.

Expand Your Social Network

There is a positive correlation between the number of followers and the number of employees. Companies that had a greater proportion of their employees on LinkedIn had more followers. Invest time in internal campaigns to get your employees set up on LinkedIn and identify themselves as employees. See if this has an impact on the size of your network, and reinforce if it’s working. This will attract more people outside your organization into your fold. Moreover, it will increase the reach of your message and updates.

Create and Share Content

The ability to post updates on LinkedIn allows you to constantly maintain interest in your company whilst engaging with followers and influencers.

Using this feature, you can consistently post updates about:

  • Your company
  • Job openings
  • Best practices
  • Thought leadership material.

As with any marketing messaging, stick to what users will care about most and try to share as much useful information as possible.

Link Social Media Profiles

Linking your social profiles is an obvious best practice, regardless of your choice of social networks. You can add Twitter to the LinkedIn profile.

Add service on the personal profile

You can add the services which you can offer to a potential customer. Adding services will help people to know about services better and it comes up on the top of the page.

Fill out other key fields

According to insights provided to Hootsuite from LinkedIn, completed Company Pages generally receive twice as many visitors as those with incomplete pages.

To optimize your LinkedIn company profile, ensure that your page includes the following information:

  • URL. Make sure people can find your business’ website by including the URL on your company page.
  • Address. Make sure this is up-to-date.
  • HQ Country. Is your brand global? Indicate on your page where your headquarters is located.
  • Industry. Another key piece of information that people will want to know at first glance.
  • Company size. Let people know how many employees your business has.
  • Phone no.

Create Showcase Pages

If the Company Page is a birds-eye view of your business and its core values, then Showcase Pages zoom in on your day-to-day activities.

These highly-customizable pages are essentially tailored news feeds on specific aspects of your organization. Depending on their interests, visitors might come here for content about your company’s individual brands and product ranges, ongoing charity efforts and sponsorships, or regularly occurring events like meetups, conferences, and expos.

Showcase Pages require upkeep. They have their own distinct sets of followers, separate from your Company Page. If you want these pages to be successful (and stay that way), ensure they’re regularly populated with articles, videos, slide presentations, and any other content that provides your followers with significant, long-term value.

Build a career page

Glassdoor reports that 69 percent of job seekers are more likely to apply to a company that makes an active effort to promote its culture online. LinkedIn Career Pages are an amazing way to bolster your recruitment efforts by showing your company culture in its best light.

Located under the “Life” tab, Career Pages feature customizable modules where you can display high-quality images, videos, and articles about the day-to-day at your organization. Try to include a URL in every post: LinkedIn reports that posts with links get 45 percent more engagement.

The Careers Page has a ton of other features, too many to list out in one blog post. Here are the major ones you should be aware of:

  • Create a virtual “meet the team” section from employee profiles
  • Collect and share employee testimonials
  • List the causes your employees care about and support on their profiles
  • Promote diversity by listing spoken languages
  • Track your recruitment analytics to improve your hiring process

Collect and give endorsements

Ask employees

If your employees haven’t connected with your Company Profile, encourage them to do so, and be sure to write them a great recommendation from your personal profile in return. Your employees’ networks will be notified of work anniversaries, new job opportunities, and other updates about your business. When they share content to their own networks, it’ll also appear with your company name attached.

Ask associates

Some of the most valuable endorsements will come from your B2B interactions—76 percent of B2B buyers prefer to work with recommendations from their professional network.

Whenever you have a positive interaction with another company, whether that’s a vendor, an account manager, or someone you met at a networking event, reach out to them for a connection and recommendation, and offer one in return.

This “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” approach almost seems like cheating, but it’s a perfectly valid way to cement business relationships and grow your network. Just make sure you’re following endorsement etiquette by only endorsing people and businesses you have actually interacted with, for skills you can honestly attest to.

Ask customers

Another way to build your brand and gather recommendations is to engage directly with customers and followers. If someone comments on an article you’ve shared on your Company Page, or messages you with an inquiry, use it as an opportunity to create a dialogue and win an endorsement.

Similarly, if a customer posts about a positive experience they had with your company on another social media platform, you could message them privately and ask if they’d endorse your LinkedIn Company Page, too. Even if you don’t get the endorsement, the positive public interaction is its own form of social proof.

Personalize your LinkedIn Page URL

All company pages and profiles are given a standard-issue LinkedIn URL, but you can also create a customized link for both – and it’s worth doing. This can be a great way to spruce up your LinkedIn presence and help with your brand identity.

Serve up some specialties to feed LinkedIn’s algorithm

The specialties section of your company’s LinkedIn page presents an opportunity to communicate your business’s core strengths in an easily scannable format.

The specialties you list on your LinkedIn page are also searchable, so use the specialties section to add the keywords that will help LinkedIn direct the right traffic to your page.

LinkedIn group

LinkedIn groups are another engagement tool available to companies and individuals on the platform. When LinkedIn members join a group, they become visible to other people in that group. This enables them to bypass LinkedIn’s limitations on seeing people outside their network.

If your business owns a group, or your team members are active in a group owned by someone else, you can use the ‘Featured Groups’ section of your business profile to let other LinkedIn members know where they can connect with your people.

Select communities by adding relevant hashtags

A recent addition to LinkedIn’s line-up of features for entities is the ability to follow topic-based communities on the platform. Each business can choose up to three communities by selecting the relevant hashtags.

Selecting communities to follow enables your company to view and comment on updates bearing the related hashtag, while LinkedIn will send you notifications when a topic is trending in your community so you can join the conversation.

Publish Blog Posts

This is a great way to promote your brand. Start by thinking of a great headline before drafting the post. Some other tips include finding/taking a compelling photo, closing a post with a strong call-to-action (this encourages comments), and sharing the post across all of your social channels.

Also, as you begin writing, keep word count in mind. A standard article has about 400-600 words. Be concise!

Lastly, drive your readers to a landing page on your website to learn more about you or your business.

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