Optimize Google My Business For Multi-Location Business

We all know how important being present on Google My Business is for our local SEO. It is pretty straightforward to create a Google My Business account for your business when it is present in only one location. However, have you ever wondered if you have your business in more locations how Google My Business helps? Today we look at how Google My Business is used when you have your business presence in more than one location.

In Google My Business it can be done with utmost ease:

Step 1: Log in to your Google My Business account

Step 2: Click on Manage location on the left side of the navigation bar

Step 3: Click on manage locations, to add one or import multiple locations using a spreadsheet.

To know what all are necessary when creating a spreadsheet to import multiple location, you can download the sample spreadsheet available. However, this is used when you have more than 10 locations.

If you click on single location, it will take you through the steps for adding a business on Google My Business.

However, businesses should take the following steps when adding multiple locations:

  • Update all the store location on the website’s about us or any other page
  • Make sure your website can be crawled by Google’s bot can crawl.
  • The Name Address and Phone Number (NAP) of the location should also be consistent across platforms
  • You need to make sure that Google My Business is pinning your business location in the right building. Many times the pin is not in the right place which makes the users frustrated.
  • It is ideal if all the locations claimed or created are done using one general email account. This will help in keeping track of the location in case if any account needs to be deleted for any reason.

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