Marketing during the pandemic

We are not living in the same world which existed before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Everything had changed around us and the consumer behavior has shifted. Like always, whenever there is a change in consumer behavior, marketing has to bring a change in their strategies. After all, businesses live for customers and it is not the other way round. Since the change in consumer outlook happened so fast that most businesses might have to completely re-invent their outlook too.

Consumers are caring more for essential items with the downturn in the economy. Businesses need to understand this and should try to help them during this pandemic times. Marketing should not be focused on those items which have their highest bottom line or even try to upsell during these times if it is not relevant to the customer. Businesses should try to be aware of how the pandemic might have affected their customers. They should highlight the product which they might need more than others. Try providing discounts to your customers for the essential items. It might not be the best marketing technique but it will go a long way in building trust and relationship with your customers to see you care about the community at large.

Businesses should make investments to go digital and promotions should be done to reach your audience to let them know you are available online now. It might be using your own platform or being available on someone else’s platform. Businesses are not working at their full strength and most businesses can’t accommodate the footfall of customers they once used to. We won’t want there to be a huge line outside our businesses and give customers a not so pleasant experience during these already trying times. Moving online would mean fewer people visiting physical stores and those who want to make purchases can now do so at their ease. Customers should be continuously reassured about the steps you have taken to keep them safe if you have a product you are delivering.

While making the investment to move your business online, try not to cut corners, and provide a not so ideal experience to your users. The user interface, bandwidth, seamlessness, product or service information, payment methods, delivery tracking, etc if not state of art, should be easy and convenient for your customers. Any resistance and your competitor might make merry on your loss. A lot of the customers might be going online for the first time and businesses should make their switch easy if they want their strategy to work.

Marketing should understand that customers are not looking to go all out with their purchases and promotions needs to be dialed down. Customers would appreciate if businesses understand what they are going through and marketing should project this by focusing on their emotional quotient. Bombarding the audience with promotions that focus on making a purchase decision would be ideal today but working with customers and being relevant to their needs is required. Marketing should not just focus on ‘what’ the customer needs but more on ‘why’ it is needed to derive the meaning for their businesses today. The trust and relationship built during these difficult times would help them reap benefits long after lives becomes normal.

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