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Every brand today wants to have a community to connect with their audience and engage with them. For most Business to Business (B2B) brands, LinkedIn pages become a very important channel to build community with their audience. For the rest, it is not far behind, it serves as a useful channel to bring their audience together to discuss their interests, career options, goals, workplaces, and networking. Clearly, LinkedIn is a very important channel for a strategic point for view for most businesses.

But most managers might agree that building a good follower base on LinkedIn pages is no easy task. It requires a lot more effort. Especially, if you are not one of those companies with a huge marketing budget. However, LinkedIn has recently rolled out a feature that makes our task a little easier. Let’s have a look into it.

Invite connection

One of the easiest ways to encourage someone to follow you would be to send the invite connection. You can send these invitations to your personal connection who might be more likely to follow your page. When you send an invite to your connection, he will get a notification in his network tab. Just like he would for his connections. He can then accept or ignore our invitation.

For all those who might be interested in your brand but you believe that it is too much work for your followers to go to the company page and follow, the invite connection feature by LinkedIn has made their job much easier.

You can find the invite connection the feature in the Admin tools on your LinkedIn page. Under Reach, there are invite connections.

Alternatively, you can also find it on the right sidebar of your page.

If you click on either invite connection or invite more connection, you will find a lot of connection which you can bulk invite. All you have to do it check the connection and then click on the invite connections button at the bottom of the pop-up box.

Important points to know when inviting connection to follow your page:

  • You get 100 credits each month. Any leftover credit is not rolled over, so make the optimum use of it.
  • You can send 25 connections in one day.
  • Once your connection accepts your invitation, your credit is returned back to you.

Best practices to follow when inviting connection to follow your page:

  • Your connection might want to check your page before accepting your invite. Make sure that your page has good quality content being posted regularly.
  • Try building partnership with pages with similar audience base and complementary nature of business.
  • Send a connection to those who matter to build a good follower base.

Don’t forget that having a good follower base is not enough. Brands need to keep them engaged and engage with them. Invite connection is just a tool to onboard followers faster and easier. How successfully you build a community around those followers will require efforts, understanding, and empathy with your audience.

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