Important tips for creating ‘how-to’ videos

The most widely search videos on the internet today is the ‘how-to’ videos. Whenever we encounter something to be done, we start believing we can do it and start getting to it. It is only after many hours of hard labor we realize we might know everything about everything. But not knowing doesn’t stop us. Today, it takes us to the internet to find our answer. We start watching ‘How-to’ videos and the internet has how-to videos for anything and everything. Finally, after watching we start again and finish what we started with.

‘How to’ videos are very important parts of our video creation process because at some point in time everyone would look for such videos. If we are a brand or a business to show our technical expertise or to demonstrate how our products or services work, our video arsenal should have how-to videos. However, when creating these videos, we need to keep a note of some important points.

It should address your audience needs

A video of something that nobody has any need for would mean spending a lot of resources to create a brilliant video for nothing. Creating a good video takes a lot of effort, and if the video we are creating is relevant to our audience, it would be rewarding for the business. Try to understand what the audience needs, and with the information available today, and it should not be tough.

It should be simple

Though our viewers believe they can do it. They actually can’t and that’s why they are here. The ‘how-to’ videos should be very simple for our viewers to understand what they need to do after they have watched the video.

Keep it short

We all know that the first place where someone comes when they have to do something is not the ‘how-to’ videos. Most viewers must have spent time figuring the solution. Giving lengthy introductions and explaining too many things before getting to the solution would mean a high bounce rate for your videos. Try to directly answer the question and not deviate from the problem at hand would help keep the video short and provide the solution to the viewers for what they are looking for as soon as possible.

If there is a need to explain something else which is complementary to the problem at hand, a separate ‘how to’ video can be created for it.

Don’t make it very technical

An actual engineer or a scientist might not come to check our ‘how to’ video. Hence, it becomes very important to deliver it in a format that a normal person can understand. Avoid using a language that is very complex, has lots of industry-specific terminologies, and is very technical. The focus of helping in a way they will understand not peers in your industry.

Make it easy to follow

Try giving your video a structure so the audience understands how and when they need to do something. YouTube is the second biggest search engine and if our video is landing there, we should try to write a description explaining all the steps. It would also be a very good idea to give time stamps for each step. Include a caption for those who would like to watch the video in mute or lower volume.

Don’t sell, engage them

Your viewers are not there to look for the promotion of any of your products. They need a solution to their problem. Make your video about your viewers. Try to solve their problems in the best possible way. This will lead to an engagement with your viewers and would come back for more when it is time.

A good ‘how-to’ video is all about the viewers all the time. The benefits are just the by-products of the whole exercise. You get a chance to showcase your products or service, your expertise, gain trust and engagement for your brand, brand visibility, and the feeling that your business cares about the customers and so they exist.

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