Importance Of Commenting In LinkedIn

A well-rounded social media strategy would cover most major social media platforms, which definitely includes LinkedIn. Every major social media platform has its niche, such as Facebook is more about social networking, Twitter is for short quick messages and current affairs, Instagram is all about pictures; similarly, we have LinkedIn for professional networking.

Users come to LinkedIn to network, share, and learn on a professional level. Hence, it has its own unique niche, and if used properly, it helps uplift your brand visibility.

Creating content is one of the most common ways to reach more users on LinkedIn. However, it is not easy for everyone to create lots of content for LinkedIn. There is another easy and efficient way to reach more users – commenting on available content.

Let’s look at the benefits of the strategy to comment on other users’ content

Higher visibility

When we comment on other users’ content, we receive visibility through his network as our comment is present under their updates. If there is a conversation going on in the comment section because of our initiative, the visibility we receive is even greater. If the content is sensational and becomes viral, the visibility we receive goes up a level. All this we receive by doing very little. The return on investment we receive is very high for the effort we put.

Builds credibility

Your business will always have some authority in the space it is operating. However, when you speak out and engage in meaningful conversation, then your credibility increases. You start becoming an authority in your industry.

Increases followers

As you reach more users and start becoming a credible figure in your industry. Users would want to know what’s next coming from your brand and would like to follow you to keep up with you.

Showcase your expertise

When you comment an insightful point on an update, it helps showcase your expertise in that topic. When you make consistent efforts to post insightful comments, you start being perceived as an expert in your field.

Opens up opportunities

Commenting helps you be an industry authority and showcase your expertise in your field. As you keep doing this more and more, you will be receiving many opportunities for collaboration and partnering with different brands. This will help you to build better brand visibility further. 

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