How To Fix Your Website Header Full-Width Issue

If your header background is different from the background of your website body, then one of the issues that we might face is that when we zoom out our website, the header cut shorts, and it looks like there is a design issue.

This gives an unprofessional look to our website. Our website is the most important real estate in the digital world, should be as flawless as possible to our visitors. This helps build a positive brand perception among our visitors. Let’s take a look at how we can make our website better.

There are two ways to solve this problem:

1. The header background can be the same as the website body background

An answer to this problem is by giving the same color to the entire website background.

This method though very effective, would mean compromising on certain design options. We can never explore a design where the header background is different from the rest of the body. For some websites, this might be okay. But in the longer run, this might be a serious limitation when exploring more design options.

Also, if you have designed the entire website and then realized this issue, it would mean spending a lot of time re-designing the website so that the body and the header have the same background color. This becomes impractical as everyone must have okayed the design after spending a lot of time working on it.

2. Use a CSS code to the website

You can use the following css code:

#site-header {
width: 100% !important;

This is a simple answer to the problem. Adding a few code lines in the custom CSS section of your WordPress would make your website header’s background color look complete at any zoom level.

All your efforts are intact and you get a better and smoother website ready for your visitors. Now our website is ready for whoever wants to zoom in and out as per the visitors’ wish.

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