How To Design A Good Facebook Cover For Your Page

We all know how important the Facebook cover page is. The first thing your audience looks at, is the Cover page. It plays a crucial role in your audience retention. Hence, we all would like to have an amazing cover page. The questions which always ran in my mind was, ‘What would be a good cover page?’ Today we will look into some best practices which we can consider when we are designing a new Facebook cover page for our brand.

Best practices to consider for Facebook cover page:

Comply with Facebook Guidelines

We don’t want to spend the countless hours of designing the cover page, eventually leading the Facebook to bring it down because of compliance issues.

Use the right image dimensions

Using the right image dimensions is crucial while creating your cover image. If the right dimensions are not used then your entire creation will not be visible to the audience. It might even look incomplete which can negatively affect your audience perception about your page. However, even if the dimensions are not ideal you can use reposition to choose what you would like your audience to see.

The ideal Facebook cover photo size is 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. It can be JPG or PNG file whose size is less than 100 kilobytes. The minimum Facebook cover photo size is 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall. You image should be created in such a way that it is optimized for the mobile version. The ideal size for mobile is 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall. So when designing cover page care should be taken that it is visible in both the devices properly.

The image should be consistent with your brand image

A picture connects and captures the audience. However, it should be relevant to our brand. Otherwise, it will cause a disconnect in your audience. Your entire social media branding should be consistent to build a larger visibility online. The cover image should be in sync with the brand positioning and bring out the concept of your brand to the audience. Your audience should not feel every platform is different and unique from the other and trying to bring out their own voice. They should actually feel that every platform from your physical store to your Facebook account is just one business and using anything will give them a similar experience.

Don’t continuously change your Facebook cover page

We all like variety in our life. However, when it comes to Facebook cover it is a good practice to spend more time in designing one and then letting it be there for the audience to absorb. You might want to change to your Facebook cover image once a month or if you have a very dynamic brand then twice a month would also do.

However, if there is a special event or celebration, cover image is the ideal place to make an announcement for your audience.

Use a Call To Action in the description

Wherever relevant like during a special occasion or sale or any event. If you want your audience to do something then add an appropriate Call To Action in the description. However, when you do that it is important that your call to action is in line with the what the image talks about.

Don’t overdo your image

Keep your Facebook cover image as simple as possible. The attention span of audience these days is not very high. If we have a very complicated cover image the audience will not spend time to understand it thereby losing the chance to connect with you audience effectively.

Consider a Facebook Cover Video

Though we have spoken about Facebook Cover Image, the same points should be considered when working on Facebook Cover video. Though not common it can help you to stand out of the rest, just because it is not common. However, make sure than it is between 20 to 90 seconds. Once you upload the video, it keeps on playing automatically till the banner is present on the screen of the user.

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