Google Ads – Quality Score Explained

We invest a lot of money in Google Ads for our business. To get the returns on our investment, we must keep optimizing our ads to the maximum. One way of doing that is to analyze the quality score in the Keywords section.

The quality score helps us understand how is our ads performing to our audience. Quality score is an overall rating provided by Google Ads using factors such as Exp. CTR, Landing page exp, and Ad relevance. It is represented on a scale of 1-10 from low to high in ascending order.

It is one of the most important factors to be optimized. When we optimize Quality Score, we get higher returns at a lower cost and a higher position of our ads in Search Engine Result’s Page (SERP). In simple terms, if we want to pay lower for each click and for positioning our ad on top of the page, optimize your Quality Score.

Low quality score warning in Google Ad Campaign

As we can see in the image above, we ran for our client this ad, the quality score component for ‘Dental Surgery’ is low. Whenever we have a particular keyword with a low-quality score, we will see an orange warning mark next to the keyword. Now, once we see it, we should try to fix the issue.

We might have a low-quality score on our ads because:

  • Expected CTR is below average
  • Ad relevance is below average
  • Landing page experience is below average

Since the quality score is a combination of multiple factors, there is a possibility that even though one of the factors is below average, our quality score can still be high. This is because the other factors used in calculating quality score performs well. However, all the factors are important individually to provide a good experience for our audience. Hence, even if our quality score is high, we should make sure that all factors are average or above average; the higher, the better.

To improve quality score, we should ask ourselves questions such as:

  • Are all the keywords in the ad group closely related to a singular theme?
  • Does the ad copy reflect the keyword group?
  • Is the landing page or the destination URL optimized for the audience?
  • Will the landing page fulfill the customer’s need?

If we start with these questions and continuously try to improve our ad campaign, we will get high-quality leads relevant to our business.

You can check the quality score in the search keyword section as below:

Keyword section in Google Ads campaign where Quality Score can be viewed

If you can’t find these columns you can easily add them to your table. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click on ‘Column’ just above the header of the dashboard.
  2. You will see ‘Modify Column’ there. Click on ‘Modify Column.’
Keyword section in Google Ads campaign where Quality Score can be viewed
  • If you scroll down, you will find the ‘Quality Score’ section. After expanding the section, you can select the different factors of Quality scores, such as ‘Quality Score,’ ‘Exp. CTR’, ‘Landing page exp,’ ‘ad relevance’ along with ‘Quality score.’ Once you do apply the changes, your dashboard will now have all the factors and Quality score.
Keyword section in Google Ads campaign where Quality Score can be viewed. We need to include the Quality score metric in the dashboard by modifying the column

It is essential to analyze these factors as these results are constantly updated. Google Ads provides customers with a very high intent to purchase, and accordingly, significant investment is needed. To get what you pay for, it is essential to keep monitoring Quality Score and the entire Ad Campaign. We will discuss the different components of Quality Score in the coming posts.

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