Google Ads – Call ads campaign

Most local business that runs Google Ads ask this one question, ‘Why I am not getting enough calls even after spending money on ads?’ We all want a return on the investment we make. Similarly, when using Google Ads, we would like to make up for what we are paying by receiving quality leads.

However, it is also important to understand what is the business objective before starting an ad campaign. Otherwise, the campaign which is being run and the results which are expected might have a gap. If a business, primarily the one who provides service, would generally value a call more than a click to their website. Hence, it becomes important that the right campaign is created and published. In this case, it should be a call ad campaign.

Let’s take a look at call ad campaign in Google Ads.

Call campaigns encourage customers to call businesses by clicking on the ad. It is shown only on mobile phones as desktops don’t have the feature of making calls generally. Since mobile phones come in different sizes, these ads are very responsive in nature. Hence, everything that we add while creating the ad will not be used in each device.

Even though this ad is targeted towards a specific conversion, a click’s cost is the same as that of a normal search ad click for the same keyword.

In India, Google has a missed call option wherein when a user clicks on the missed call; Google Ads will place the call to both the advertiser and the user.

Points to note when creating a call campaign:

  • It should mostly be running when the business is ready to take calls, so when customers call, they don’t listen to voicemails. This will help businesses to connect with customers when they want to engage.
  • A call campaign works well for users at the end of their buyer’s journey or who would like to know more when buying an item that costs more. Hence, it becomes important to use those keywords of high intent and suit these types of users.
  • Whenever a user clicks on the call, it is considered a click and will pay for it. This would even be applicable when the user doesn’t actually make the call. There might be a disparity between the number of calls received and the total number of clicks for the call.

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