How To Use Yelp For Your Business

How to use Yelp For Your Business FI

If you are a local business is the United States, with over 142 million users, Yelp plays a very important role for customers to check your business out. Since 2004, it is giving important information about the business, along with rating and reviews of customers who have used your product or service to its users. … Read more

Alternatives To Facebook Advertising

Alternatives to FB for Advertising

Since the last 6 months, we have been running Lead generation campaign on Facebook for a dental practice. The results though good initially have started coming down because of reaching a lot of users of the period of time. It’s about time to stop the lead generation campaign and divert the budget which will provide … Read more

How Instagram Advertising Works?

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is the new trend in the market and everyone wants to get on board with it. More than 800 million accounts are in use daily. Instagram provides a platform to tell visual stories and we all love good story. To get the most out of Instagram, you need to understand what all it can … Read more

Why is Branding Watermark on your YouTube Channel important?

YouTube Watermark

We all love branding and would leave no chance where we can increase the visibility of our brand. The higher the visibility the more prominent is your brand. With good visibility and excellent product, we have a combination for success. A good product with no takers is wasted opportunity. So, we find ways where we … Read more

Different Types of Facebook Campaigns

Different types of Facebook campaign

Everyone wants leads to convert a potential customer to a customer. Facebook lead generation campaigns work wonderfully to generate those leads. However, over the period of time, the number of leads you receive obviously comes down from a campaign and then comes a moment when you have to stop the lead generation campaign because the … Read more