Questions To Ask When Hiring A Digital Marketer

Questions To Ask When Hiring A Digital Marketer

Hiring a good resource in your digital marketing team creates a lot of difference as you want to implement your strategies. It is the skills that are important and an understanding of how a business works, and the ability to be in their shoes. It is important to work together as a team, considering no … Read more

Google Ads – Call ads campaign

Google Ads - Call ads campaign

Most local business that runs Google Ads ask this one question, ‘Why I am not getting enough calls even after spending money on ads?’ We all want a return on the investment we make. Similarly, when using Google Ads, we would like to make up for what we are paying by receiving quality leads. However, … Read more

Google Ads – Quality Score – Ad Relevance Explained

Google Ads - Quality Score - Ad Relevance Explained

In the previous post, we have looked at Quality Score in Google Ads and how important a role it plays in optimizing our ads for a lower cost per click and getting a higher position on Search Result’s page. Ad relevance is one of the primary components which impacts the Quality Score. We would always … Read more

The Next Phase Of B2B Marketing

The Next Phase of B2B Marketing

For a long time, B2B marketing is primarily focused on the benefits of any products or services a business is offering. While this was more appropriate before, today many brands have gradually evolved their marketing from plain intelligence quotient of helping their audience make rational decisions. Today brands understand that a client does not make … Read more

Important tips for creating ‘how-to’ videos

Important tips for creating how to videos

The most widely search videos on the internet today is the ‘how-to’ videos. Whenever we encounter something to be done, we start believing we can do it and start getting to it. It is only after many hours of hard labor we realize we might know everything about everything. But not knowing doesn’t stop us. … Read more

Marketing during the pandemic

Marketing during the pandemic

We are not living in the same world which existed before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Everything had changed around us and the consumer behavior has shifted. Like always, whenever there is a change in consumer behavior, marketing has to bring a change in their strategies. After all, businesses live for customers and it … Read more