Benefits of Facebook Pages over Personal Profile for businesses

Every business today uses Facebook to connect with their audience. However, a lot of small and medium business owners don’t realize that a Facebook page and personal profile are different. They tend to create a personal profile for their business and promote it to their connections. However, it is very important for businesses to have a business page rather than a personal profile. This would be a question more important to those who have spent a lot of energy on increasing the reach of their personal profile.

Let’s take a look at some benefits businesses will have when they have a Facebook page over a personal profile:

Facebook Insights

A business on a personal profile doesn’t have access to the Insights which Facebook pages provide. Imagine losing out on invaluable information about your audience such as their location, gender, age, interests, and so on. This will help you to understand your customers better. You can even check which posts are more effective and give you better results.

Facebook reviews

Everyone would like to first check the reviews and recommendations of any business before becoming their customer. Facebook company page gives you an opportunity to build credibility for your audience by collecting reviews and recommendations for their business.

Facebook tabs

Facebook page gives you a neat framework to showcase your business with the help of tabs such as home, services, reviews, offers, events, jobs, and so on.

Facebook posts

Personal profiles will have only a few options when posting. Whereas, if we have a Facebook page then the options to market your business increases significantly with some very interesting options like providing a Covid-19 update, hosting Q&A sessions, posting jobs, creating events, and so on.

Facebook offers

If you have a Facebook page then you can offer coupons to your audience in order to create a better reach about your company. Once a user claims this coupon then your brand also becomes visible to their connections.

Profile limited to 5000 friends

A personal profile is only limited to 5000 friends. Whereas, pages can have millions of followers. If a business needs the reach which Facebook can potentially provide then having a personal profile will not do any good.

Profiles look unprofessional

If a business is using a personal profile then there is a somewhat negative perception to the audience. They might wonder whether the business even knows what they are doing. It does not serve a good first impression.

Access to advertising

Facebook gives you a platform to meet the millions of users it has on its platform without them being connected to you. This is possible because of Facebook advertising. Facebook pages have access to Facebook advertising whereas personal profiles don’t. You can reach out to a very specific group of audience and location whom you would like to advertise your products or services.

Ability to assign admin roles

If you are a business you will have multiple people working on your marketing strategies which includes Facebook too. Depending on the need, every employee can be assigned certain privileges to your Facebook pages such as insights analyst, advertiser, moderator, content creator, and manager. This privilege can be upgraded or revoked as and when desired. This restricts anyone from misusing the account. When we have a personal profile, everyone who would have to work it would be given the username and password which is somewhat concerning.

Native Facebook scheduling

Facebook pages give you an option to schedule your posts. It becomes very important if you want to be consistent in marketing your business on Facebook. Also, some posts need to be published at a very specific time like offering a limited period coupon during a day when there is low traffic to your business. Since we can’t be up all the time

Connection to Facebook Places

Facebook pages give you an option to add your business to a place and provide some relevant information such as hours and days of operations are present there. This helps your customer to check-in and in turn, promote your business to their connections.

Business relevant information

A personal profile will always ask for information pertaining to an individual that doesn’t fit well with the scope of a business such as date of birth or gender. Whereas, if we check the about us section of a Facebook page, it is tailored to market the business effectively with information such as about us, website, phone number, email id, location, and so on.

Use of third-party tools

There are a lot of third-party tools that can be used with your Facebook page in order to automate and streamline your marketing efforts.

Avoid being shut down

The objective of Facebook introducing a Facebook page is for businesses to use it. In order to encourage businesses in doing that, it is shutting down the personal profiles of businesses. If all our efforts are spent in growing a personal profile then we can wake up one day to see it has all gone for nothing.

Promote your website

Facebook page gives you a button to divert traffic to your website, if used well it becomes an excellent source of the traffic to the website.

You can add videos to your Facebook cover page

Videos have higher engagement than images. Unlike a personal profile, Facebook cover pages give us an option to upload videos. If used rightly, it serves to be an excellent place to promote your products and services through videos.

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