What is Cadlag Function?

A cadlag function is a function defined on real numbers or subset of real numbers that is everywhere right-continuous and have left limits everywhere. The Cadlag function is important in…


Google Analytics – What? How?

Google Analytics is a free platform that collects data and compiles it into useful reports. With more and more businesses going digital to reach customers from every corner they are…

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What Is Digital Analytics?

Rajesh wanted to purchase a new ayurvedic toothpaste. He goes to Amazon.com and then using its search engine looks for toothpaste and specifically for ayurvedic toothpaste. He selects five to…

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Probability Density Function

Probability Density Function (PDF) is used for univariate analysis. Univariate analysis as the name suggests is a single variable analysis. So, PDF is very helpful when we have to dig…


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