All about dofollow and nofollow links

Every digital marketer especially the ones who work on SEO would work very hard to receive dofollow links. Why so? What are dofollow links? How does it help your digital marketing and SEO strategy? Let’s have a look at it.

What are dofollow and nofollow links?

As a user, they both are the same. However, if we open the HTML codes of the website, we will see a technical difference in both the links.

Dofollow links are simply links of our website in some other website.

Nofollow link is also the same. However, there is a rel=”nofollow” HTML tag attached to it.

If you check the page source of any website you will find this. There are also some plugins such as ‘strike our now follow links’, etc which will easily help us to understand which are nofollow and dofollow links.

What do dofollow and nofollow links do?

Whenever, search engine websites like Google, Bing would send their crawlers to a website. If the nature of the link is dofollow, then the search engine will follow the link to the destination website.

However, if the nature of the link is nofollow, then search engine crawlers would not crawl to the destination link. It will ignore that link.

What are the benefits of a dofollow and nofollow links?

Whenever a website receives a lot of dofollow links, it shows search engine websites that the website is trusted and beneficial to a lot of people because of which it is being linked to their website. This helps Google to understand the authority of a particular website for a specific domain and accordingly Google would incentivize their keyword phrases. In short, dofollow links are very important to rank higher on SERP as they use backlinks as a key factor to search ranking.

Nofollow links on the other do not affect the search rankings of the destination website. This is because search engine crawlers do not travel to the destination website when a nofollow tag is attached to it. However, from a user perspective, they can still open the link and the destination website similar to a dofollow link can receive valuable traffic.

Hence, if you are a marketer, dofollow links are vital for you.

Why was the nofollow link introduced?

If you have a blog section on your website you will understand why. Hundreds and thousands of spam comments can come to your post every day with website links in the comment section. The website which automatically approves all the comments would give a lot of links to those websites. As search engine websites consider backlinks as a very important factor for search rankings, these websites which spam the links would always rank higher. However, the quality of the content and the website might not be deserving of the ranking position.

 In order to provide a better user experience by addressing this particular problem, they introduced a nofollow.

Where should we have nofollow links?

Almost all the websites today generally provide nofollow links whenever there is an option for a third-party to post links on the website such as in the comments section, links in social media, Youtube, Q&A websites, and so on. Also, any paid collaboration with the link of our website present should be nofollow because it would be manipulation of backlinks by the website. All dofollow links should be organically earned through high-quality content.

Does the nofollow link have any value?

Sometimes, it does affect SEO

In general, search engine website does not follow a nofollow link. However, it does make exceptions. If you have a nofollow link from a website where you are receiving a lot of traffic then Google might want to give you some incentive for the content you have included in the destination website. Google does this because fundamentally nofollow links were introduced to keep spam links away from influencing the search results. However, if a website is receiving a lot of traffic from a particular backlink then it just proves that it holds value to the audience. Search engine websites would also perceive the website to have value just like the audience does. After all, search engine websites are working continuously to provide better results to their audience.

Give valuable traffic and brand visibility

For a user, there is no difference between a dofollow and a nofollow link. If they see a link and would like to know more about it, they will click the link and go to the destination URL. However, if we look at the context from where the clicks will happen, we will understand that the user in the majority of the cases would be intentionally clicking on the link to maybe gain a better understanding. This makes it a high intent user who is actively researching or looking in that space or segment. When such users come to the website their satisfaction rate would be higher and would be a potential customer.

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